The Fishing

Crooks Lake Lodge is located 60 miles southeast of Goose Bay, Labrador on the upper Eagle River watershed, south of the Mealy Mountains. The lake is 5 miles long with rivers and streams that offer consistent, high quality wild Brook Trout fishing and great fishing for Northern Pike. The Brookies range from 3-8 pounds with an average size of about 5 pounds. The Northern Pike, which weigh up to 20 pounds, are plentiful.

Most fishing is done in the rivers and streams with dry fly equipment. Light spinning gear may be used with barbless hooks but permitted in the lake only. Catch and release is mandatory. Boats and motors are provided with one guide for every two fishermen.

Brook Trout Fishing

At Crooks Lake, the Brook Trout fishing is truly trophy Brook Trout fishing with an impressive range in weight from 3-8 pounds, occasionally larger, with an average size of about 5 pounds. They feed voraciously on the abundant insects. Hatches of mayflies, stoneflies,or caddisflies can occur anytime, and when they do, you had better be ready! Depending on the time frame, anglers should also bring an assortment of wooly buggers, and saltwater deceivers. Later in the season at Crooks Lake, when the hatches taper off and the fish start to stage for spawning, a popular fly is the “shaving brush”. It is a big spun caribou or deer hair popper with a blunt end that pops as you retrieve it in short jerks. The more noise the better. Apparently the fly mimics a lemming or a mole, both of which are plentiful. The brook trout don’t love this fly, they hate it, and prove it by smashing at it with a vengeance, often coming a foot out of water when they hit!

Northern Pike Fishing

Known for their savage strikes, Northern Pike of 20 pounds and more, provide a secondary challenge for fly fishers who choose to take them on light tackle. Typically found in the shallower weedy areas of the watershed, these fish are the Barracuda of the North, feeding on anything that swims, including moles, duckling, and even trout. For Northern Pike fishing, anglers are well advised to bring wire tippets as their surgical scalpel-like teeth will slice through monofilament like a knife through butter. They love mice patterns, but will also explode on big poppers and large saltwater streamer patterns.